Joseph Teralis Arison, L.Ac

Teralis has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1982. He practices a wide variety of healing modalities, adapting the most relevant method to each individual, weaving together a personal and unique session designed to address his client’s needs. Using his diverse experience and deep understanding of traumatic injuries, he has been tremendously successful treating the kind of unresolved suffering that often underlies chronic and acute pain. His patients range from small children to the elderly, women during pregnancy and after childbirth, from the athlete to the desk jockey to anyone seeking to feel better in their body.

Without exception, Teralis works to determine and address the underlying cause of your health challenge. He will strive to meet you where are and guide you to an experience of greater freedom and awareness on your health journey.

Teralis is a true healer who believes that “many things, often the unexpected are possible.”