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Over the course of 30 plus years of practice certain themes have proven themselves helpful repeatedly. Presented here as commentary, ruminations and dreams, which are a part of the body/mind stream that I live and work in.  I am delighted to have this forum to share past present and future stories of my adventures in time.

The Karma of Places

​Some say hearing voices is not a good sign, oh well, I guess it depends on the voice. Psyche speaks to me at times in a voice as clear and distinct as a person sitting next to me.

Shedding Mental Baggage

This is an exercise I have used countless times over the years to ease the weight of mental/emotional baggage. I first discovered it when preparing for a surgery. It goes as follows.

Polarization: Creating A Useful Map From Our History

While buying a pair of Serengeti polarized sunglasses, I was taken by the research literature. Corning Optics had discovered that if you subject liquid glass to a high magnetic field, the molecules of glass orient themselves in such a way that they polarize the glass. This allows light to pass through more efficiently, without filters used in other high definition lenses.

Where does the Name Zero Balancing come from?

Sharon Wheeler is a long-time practitioner of Structural Integration. She was an Esalen staff member, teaching and practicing massage there in the late 60’s, and a graduate of the training with Ida Rolf around the same time as Fritz. She writes, "I thought you all might like to know where the name Zero Balancing came from. I was there when it was named. This is how I remember it: