Eclectic Bodywork

Drawing from deeply structural to highly energetic and gentle methods of bodywork, Eclectic Body Work is an interweaving of a variety of styles and techniques that is specifically tailored to address my client’s individual needs.

In developing my skills as a person and a practitioner I have followed a basic philosophy or premise; “Go to the source and study in beautiful places”. My journey has lead me from India and China to Big Sur, to Venice, California and beyond.

Along this path I have studied Indian culture and spirituality with Sathya Sai Baba in India, Acupuncture in Beijing, Zero Balancing with Dr. Fritz Smith, and Visionary Cranial Sacral with Hugh Milne in Esalen, Big Sur as well as Aston Patterning with Judith Aston, only 100 steps from my back door in Venice, California.

As part of my education and self care, for over 25 years I have made a point to seek out and receive quality bodywork. Many great practitioners have helped teach and hone my skills. For the last 13 years I have worked with the best and most well trained Structural Bodyworker that I have ever met. Every session is a learning experience! I call it The Path of 1000 sessions.

All of these rich masters are shaping me even today in the perpetual evolution of Eclectic Body Work.