STRI Breast Cancer

Joseph Teralis Arison, L.Ac.

Soft Tissue Re-Integration is an effective modality for women in their recovery from breast cancer and it’s entourage: chemotherapy, radiation, reconstruction, lymphodema (swelling of the breast tissue and arm), pain from expanders, and an assortment of nerve and muscle conditions that are triggered by chemotherapy and the trauma of repeated surgeries.

The results of STRI are that breast tissue is less stressed and feels softer, more supple, and looks more natural. The woman feels “back” in her body, more comfortable both physically and emotionally relaxed, and is able to regain ‘ownership’ or integration after breast reconstruction. Teralis’ wife, Jo Ann inspires his STRI work with women. When Jo Ann developed breast cancer and underwent mastectomy and radiation Teralis’ work with her allowed her to resume her Yoga practice far sooner, and yielded a reduction in scar tissue and adhesions that Jo Ann’s plastic surgeon did not think possible.