Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a simple yet powerful hands-on bodywork system designed to

balance body energy and body structure. It offers powerful benefits to people of all ages. Clients experience deep relaxation, a feeling of groundedness, integration, and wellness. Zero Balancing strengthens the body’s energy fields and increases mental clarity. It releases tension held in the body and promotes inner and outer balance and alignment.

I use Zero Balancing as a means to understand and determine the most effective way of making space in the body for healing and increasing freedom of movement. A typical ZB session lasts around 30 minutes and is done with the client facing up, fully clothed. Using gentle techniques, I work with bone energy, focusing on the deepest, strongest energy current in the body - the skeletal system.

Dr. Fritz Smith, who developed Zero Balancing told me long ago that he felt our spiritual teacher had tasked him with teaching me touch! The Zero Balancing system took “seeing with my hands” to a new level and began a deep love for the healing power of touch.


Dr. Fritz Smith, Teralis and Dr. Aminah Raheem, Mexico 1996