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Soft Tissue Re-Integration


Soft Tissue Re-Integration (STRI) is a Bodywork technique developed by Joseph Teralis Arison to release restrictions held in the experiential field after a major physical traumatic injury or surgical experience.

As a hands-on Bodywork technique, STRI brings traumatized tissue into a relaxed, quiet state in order to reduce pain and constriction, increase blood flow, increase energy balance, and enhance healing.

I began to develop the technique when my wife, Jo Ann, developed breast cancer and underwent mastectomy and radiation. My work with her made it possible for her to resume her Yoga practice far sooner than expected and yielded a reduction in scar tissue and adhesions beyond what Jo Ann’s plastic surgeon thought possible.

Based on my more than 27 years of experience as an acupuncturist and body therapist, I created STRI as a gentle and respectful approach for trauma and post-surgical patients. Cognizant of how difficult it is for many people to be touched in vulnerable areas, I utilize a patient-directed method, emphasizing communication, patient education, and collaboration. Additionally, I teach patients self-care so they can empower their own recovery and continue Soft Tissue Re-Integration at home.  

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