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I am a full time yoga teacher and a mother to a 2 year old. My body is constantly in motion, mostly in expansion but sometimes in contraction. I have worked with many different kinds of body workers, but none with the talent, sensitivity, wisdom and healing touch of Teralis. I call him my fixer. Whatever is not working works again after seeing him. I cannot imagine how I could function in this multi-tasking world without his centering and healing powers.


The work Teralis does is beyond definition and nothing short of profound. Part scholar and philosopher, part intuit and part bodyworker, Teralis commits 110% to his sessions and works at a depth I have not ever experienced with another practitioner. Far beyond just a bodyworker, he is able to support the entirety of who you are emotionally, physically and spiritually. Most importantly, I always leave feeling balanced and connected to my true self.


Joseph Teralis Arison is a highly trained practitioner of many healing arts including Zero Balancing and Visionary Cranial Sacral with a true ability to support transformation not only because he is spiritually mature, but because of his integrity. I value every detail of Teralis' advice to me, and also his input on my aged mother's process on her sacred journey through old age because of his unique position of having known and worked with her for so many years and during different stages of her frailty. For me seeing them together is a beautiful thing! We are indeed blessed to have Teralis for his knowledge and wisdom- as well as for his treatments, which are a journey in themselves, one in which the destination actually feels amazing- something I count on, and hope to count on for many years to come.


I began seeing Teralis during an extremely challenging recovery from back surgery. My doctor recommend him to me saying "I'm not really sure what he does, he's just magic". I thought to myself, if an MD can believe in this guy's magic then he must be worth a shot - and boy was she right. I've benefited as much from his wise words as I have from his miraculous hands. At a time when nothing seemed to be able to touch the pain - not doctors, prescriptions, physical therapy, acupuncture or chiropractic treatment - I walked out of Teralis's office that first day feeling immediate results for the first time in months. Teralis has aided me through one of the hardest times I've ever known. He has been an inspiring guide and a master healer and I couldn't imagine navigating this tough road without him.


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